What makes Powder Coating better than regular paint?
A powder coated surface is more resistant to chipping, scratching and discoloration than conventional painted surfaces.  It also has more flex and can be used more effectively on parts that move or bend, such as springs or hinges.  

How does it compare in price to liquid paint?
Only the automotive urethane enamels come close to the durability of powder but they are extremely expensive.  Powder coating is approximately 50% less expensive and still more durable.  

What determines the cost?
Surface preparation, color selection, number of processes and material type determines  price.  Surface prep is the most important step and can be the bulk of the price.  Rusted or previously finished surfaces need to be media blasted and sanded to properly prepare them.  Standard colors such as black, white or "in stock" are the least expensive .  Candies, multi coat or special effect powders are the most expensive.  Heavy or thick steel parts requiring additional oven time will also increase the cost. 

What kind of materials can be powder coated?
Powder coating can be used on any electrically conductive metal or material but it must be able to endure curing in a 400 degrees oven.  

How should a surface be prepared for powder coating?
All materials should be cleaned and free of any contaminants or oils.  We use a process that removes contaminants, oil and dirt to insure a good bond.   All materials that cannot withstand 400 degrees, such as rubber, should be removed by the customer.  

Will powder coating fill rust pits or other surface imperfections?
No, powder coating will not fill or cover imperfections.  However, there are several textured finishes  that will help to camouflage some flaws.  

What can cause a finish to fail?
Poor surface preparation, improper application, wrong selection and under curing.  Surface prep is always key, but using the wrong powder, in the wrong way could also be a problem.  Some powders require clear coats to retain their color when exposed to UV.  Wrinkle finishes have to be applied at certain thickness and cured hotter to achieve the best look .  Under curing is probably the biggest mistake made by inexperienced coaters.  We use infrared thermometers to accurately determine the length of time parts need to remain in the oven.  

What makes your finish better?
We do every item as if we are taking it to our home.  We take no short cuts in surface preparation, use only the highest quality materials and work to achieve the absolute finest finished surface possible.   

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